iPhones May have flexible OLED panels

With LG beginning production of its flexible OLED panels in Choson this year, Apple is reportedly fascinated by creating a contend with the corporate. It’s believed that the Cupertino-based company is going to be launching an iPhone with flexible screen in 2020.

flexible OLED as those screens that can be folded like a plastic or a paper sheet. Recently LG developed a fold able screen which have touch panel as well. LG is a begets manufacture of flexible OLED worldwide.

What is flexible OLED screen?:

The technology is changing very high before some year ago we have seen a colour mobile screen. after some time technology expert brings a to the touchable screen. but now everything is going to be changed because very soon flexible OLED is going to launch in the market.

flexible OLED is a screen with very high resolutions with new foldable technology. this kind of screen can be folded like a plastic sheet and we can also use touch feature as well.

Is Apple going to launch a flexible OLED

Apple has used LG as a provider for iPhone displays overs the years however ne’er as the main one. Samsung has been Apple’s go-to show provider whereas LG’s panels function a retreat choice. If each firm reaches an agreement, this may mean that Apple can cut back its reliance on Samsung for its OLEDs. Wherever the Korean company is presently dominating the market.

There are still some details close the flexible OLED production that LG must address. However if it all goes well it’ll begin production in Q3 this year. The firm can have enough time to resolve production problems and maybe meet Apple’s needs for next year’s iPhones.

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