Fixed Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock

The way to remove “Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock”

When we switch on our android phone and see “Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock” in red color at the top right of the screen, we would get confused and be uninformed about it. This type of error typically seems on the black screen when you flash a ROM software or root our device.

It’s necessary to bypass/remove this type of FRP lock to acres your phone and use it smoothly. Given below are ways that to overcome or fix the Custom Binary Block error. which might be adapted to bypass/remove it. Also, read on to find out a lot of regarding this type of error message and causes for its occurrence.

FRP Bypass Tools to remove Google Account Verification (Recommended).

Method 1: what’s “Custom Binary Block by FRP Lock” Error?
Method 2: the way to Remove “Custom Binary Blocked by FRP”
Method 1: what’s “Custom Binary Block by FRP Lock” Error?

What’s “Custom Binary Block by FRP Lock” Error?

FRP stands for Factory Reset Protection and, higher known as Binary Custom Block by FRP Lock, and maybe a comparatively new security feature seen for the first time in android 5.1.

This kind of protecting security in android phones doesn’t let unauthorized software tampering and factory data reset without the original user permission. Hence, this type of problem typically happens after we have rooted our phone to flash new ROM/firmware or modification other internal settings on your phone.

Some time FRP Lock shows the previously signed in Google ID and password that must be signed in again to activate the android phone after we have reset your phone. The Google Account is going to be asked for once we have a tendency to begin setting up your phone again. we are able to see this type of error if we’ve got changed the Stock firmware.

The FRP Lock error message can continue to show on the screen no matter how many times we tend to restart your device.

Follow the directions given following section to bypass/remove Binary Custom Block by FRP Lock error in easy and effective steps.

The way to remove “Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock”

Custom Binary Blocked By FRP Lock may be a lot of talk about the issue and therefore, here are ways that to bypass/remove this type of disorder. For the convenience of readers, We’ve got signed to a Samsung smartphone and every one technique listed below are helpful in solving the problem when it happens on your Samsung mobile.

Restarting your Samsung mobile forcefully is simple and doesn’t take a lot of of your time. It fixes temporary software errors and stops all background operations running within the background. All we want to try and do is:

Press the Power On/Off button and Volume Down button at the same time for 5-7 seconds as shown below.

Wait for 2 minutes for the phone to reboot and start again.

See that the Custom Binary Block error message doesn’t pop-up this kind of your time.

However, if the matter persists even now, consider the following step.

In case the Odin failed to flash Samsung Device or show you error like Please get the approval to use factory binary (Pit) .You can also fix it. you need to select extra setting on Odin and then tick on Nand flash. It will fix the error temporarily.

Factory reset in Recovery Mode

Another helpful way to bypass/remove the FRP Lock error is to perform a factory reset on your phone. this type of will is enforced by booting into the Recovery Mode. To do so:

Long press the power On/Off, Home and Volume Up button along and was for a screen with multiple choices appear before you.

Now use the degree Down key to scroll down and choose “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” using the ability On/Off button as shown within the screenshot below.

Wait with patience for the method to get over and for your phone to restart normally.

Note: we are going to lose all of your data and settings stored within the phone once performing a factory/ hard reset. Be ready to set-up your phone from scratch once the method is over.

Flash Stock firmware with Odin

Flash Stock firmware with Odin

If the ways explained above don’t remove/bypass the Binary Custom Block error and your phone refuses as well normally, there’s only 1 factor left to try and do, i.e. flashing the stock firmware on your phone once more.

This kind of appears like a tedious task however it solves the matter nine out of ten times. It positively values a strive. Carefully follow the instructions given below to flash stock firmware on your Samsung phone. don’t skip any of the steps.

Firstly, we are going to be needed to download the newest version of Odin on your computer. we are able to have a go at it from

Next, download the stock firmware for your device by getting into the proper model number, country name, and different details from

Now, enter download mode on your Samsung phone by pressing the Down, Home and On/Off button along for about 3-4 seconds. Once the download mode screen ( download logo) appears, press Volume Up button to continue.

Now launch Odin on your computer by a right-click and choose “Run as Administrator”. the subsequent screenshot is helpful to you.

we can now see that Odin window will open before you.

In this quite step, use an inspired Samsung USB Cable to attach your phone to the computer.

Immediately we are going to notice that Odin will recognize your phone and add it on its main window on the computer.

Now click on “AP”, “CP”, “CSC” and choose their individual file sorts from the firmware we have a tendency to downloaded previously.

Once all file sorts are side, click on the “Start” button to start flashing.

When the flashing method is over, the Odin window can show the “Pass” message and your phone will begin to revive.

we will now be directed to line up your phone as shown within the screenshot below.


So, the ways given above are amongst the simplest fixes to bypass/remove the Binary Custom Blocked by FRP Lock error message. Since FRP may be a protecting feature and prevents unnecessary resetting and meddling with the device’s software system, It’s not very simple to upset however the techniques explained during this quite article build the task easy and simple.

These solutions are tried and tested by several users and therefore, we have a tendency to recommend them to the U.S. to bypass/remove the FRP Lock error. Please don’t hesitate and make sure we have a tendency to try these steps to induce rid of Binary Custom Blocked by FRP Lock error message.

  1. How to fix custom binary blocked by frp lock j5?

    You can fix custom binary blocked by frp lock j5 by flash a stock firmware.

  2. Can i solve Custom binary blocked by frp lock s7 edge?

    Yes , It is possible to solve custom binary blocked by frp lock s7 edge

  3. Why i am facing Custom binary blocked by frp lock note 5 and Note 8

    It is because you have root your device.

  4. how to fix custom binary blocked by frp lock without computer

    No, it is not possible to fix custom binary blocked by frp lock without computer because it require a Samsung Odin.

  5. How i can remove custom binary blocked by frp lock s8

    You can remove custom binary blocked by frp lock s8 by using Samsung Odin flashing tool. after flash a official firmware you device will be in new condition.

  6. custom binary blocked by frp lock j7 prime and j7 pro

    You can remove custom binary blocked by frp lock j7 prime and j7 pro but above steps.

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